About Us

Many people feel a connection with their shopping centre. This not only as a shop keeper, property owner, civil servant or politician but also as a consumer and citizen.
That’s why the future of the center of Veldhoven- dorp goes to our hart. Shopping areas are currently rapidly changing, due to changes in our own shopping behavior. The shop vacancy increases, retailers are struggling and are faced with rapidly changing needs of their consumers.

Together with all the stakeholders the City Center Management organization of Veldhoven-dorp is working hard to keep the shopping area attractive for the residents of Veldhoven-Dorp and its immediate areas. The City Center Management Veldhoven-dorp Foundation was founded in January 2011.

At the time a team of involved shop owners and civil servants together with the responsible alderman, supported by the Chamber of commerce and the Trade Organization, committed themselves to realise a partnership to strengthen the shopping area more efficiently and effective in a economic sense.

From this ambition we give priority to the implementation of the following themes:

  • Economy
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Events
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Accessibility and Parking
  • Experience
  • Tenant mix
  • Safety
  • Organization & communication


The City Center Management Veldhoven-dorp is a non-profit foundation and is organized as follows:

The Board:

  • Hans van Kemenade, Chairman
       email: hans@jakova.nl
  • John van de Luijtgaarden, Treasurer
       email: john.van.de.Luijtgaarden@doormalen.nl
  • José Pellekaan, Secretary
       email: josepellekaan@hotmail.com
  • Shirley Verbaandert, Member and shop owner in the Kromstraat
       email: info@eliebombelie.nl
  • Hennie Hol, Member and shop owner in the Kromstraat
       email: info@speelgoedwinkelveldhoven.nl


The City Center Manager:

The Board appointed Peter Thijssen for one day in the week as their City Center Manager.
He is controlled by the Board. Together with the board he develops a strategy and translates this in to activities which he also carries out.

CMD Peter Thijssen Web


To be reached by telephone at : 06- 11 36 12 55
His e-mail address is: cm@kromstraat.nl